WOW – ‘Impossible is only an opinion’

The Aviation Club UK

Impossible is only an opinion.  That was one of many takeaway moments from yesterday’s speaker at the UK Aviation Club.

For those of us who were there to hear Skuli Mogensen’s story of WOW! – WOW did we have a treat!   For those of you who weren’t there – you should have been.  You missed a really special event. 

Skuli spoke without notes about he set up WOW!  How they arrived at the name, and what having a name like that means for the decisions that need to follow, and the expectations it sets.  He talked about how one day he can realistically see airlines paying customers to travel with them, because of the value their data unlocks in providing ancillary services. 

He talked about WOW!’s future plans – and provided plenty of headlines for the media guests present. 

He will most certainly go down as one of the most inspirational speakers we’ve ever had – and I was really lucky that it happened at my last lunch as Chairman so I got to host him at lunch, where the Top Table had a really animated cross-table conversation that everyone enjoyed. 

Thank you for the opportunity to chair the Club which has been an unforgettable experience.  Karl Brunjes now takes over and will be a brilliant Chairman.  He has a great Committee – and yesterday we had three very key and capable members re-elected in Donna Ager, Vicky Hartley and Jeremy Green, as well as winning Tony Whitty back after a year away.  Two new Committee members – Arnaud Fiscel and James McCarthy – complete a really strong line-up and it’s great to have the Club in such good hands.

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