The Club Is Here To Help!

Whilst the Club events schedule is on hold for the foreseeable future, the Club has received several requests for assistance in recent weeks arising out of the coronavirus crisis. 

Our ever efficient Club Secretary, Philippa Ewart, has fielded requests for help as diverse as an overseas government seeking the support from a Member with extensive aviation sector crisis management experience, to connecting a Member with two other Members in companies operating in the air cargo sector, regarding the airlift of NHS purchased emergency medical supplies from China to the UK.  Philippa also receives requests from the media seeking input from aviation experts.  In recent weeks I’ve heard the dulcet and knowledgeable tones of some of our Members on the TV and radio commenting on the issues facing the aviation sector as a result of this crisis; no better listening over my breakfast!

Philippa continues to manage such requests for support.   Should any Member need some assistance, or has an idea regarding how the Club with its wide-ranging and experienced Members and their extensive and diverse industry contacts can be of help during the current situation, please liaise with Philippa and we’ll see what can be done.

All best