Malcolm Ginsberg

Malcolm Ginsberg was a founder member of the Aviation Club.  He has been nominated by two former chairmen.  

Malcolm believes the Club committee needs a balance of young people prepared to work for the benefit of the aviation community, and such as himself, independent members with vast experience and the time to make worthwhile contributions.  

He has unparalleled experience and knowledge of the air transport industry having been involved for over 50 years.  Now 76, but active as Editor in Chief of Business Travel News (BTN), an aviation consultant, and media contributor. If elected this will probably be his final shift.  By voting for him you will be helping to put someone onto the committee with vast experience of the industry, from GA and pilot training to dealing with the legislature at the highest levels.  BTN has always vigorously promoted the Aviation Club.  He will be an active table host.  

Malcolm has sat on the executive board of Brymon Airways, British World and AB Airlines and acted in a PR capacity for ANA and American Airlines, introducing both to the British market.  Long gone HeavyLift Cargo Airlines was a client and for many years another cargo operator, West Atlantic, still a member of Airlines UK.   

He gained a PPL when acting for CSE – OATS (Oxford Air Training School), also Embraer, Learjet and Piper distributors at the time and has acted for Belfast International and Luton Airports.  He was intimately involved in the start-up of LCY. He wrote the authoritative book to celebrate its 30 years. 

For 20 years Malcolm published the Flight International Directory series.  In the 1990s he purchased the then tabloid Air and Business Travel News (ABTN), turning it into today’s influential Business Travel News as a web-based publication, also available by email every Monday morning.