Clear Skies for easyJet

The Aviation Club UK

Johan Lundgren, CEO easyJet addressed 200 attendees at the Aviation Club lunch on 20 March 2019.  During his speech, which referenced the easyJet withdrawal from the Alitalia deal, he expressed his support for the tightening of regulation around airport alcohol sales, which he strongly believes to have a direct correlation to disruptive passengers.  The airline will operate a zero tolerance policy to disruptive passengers and fully support their staff who have to make the decision as to whether to allow passengers to fly or not.  easyJet, the 8th largest airline in the world and 2nd largest in Europe, believe that high customer service levels and communication are key to their success.  ‘Better engagement with customers and stronger boarding policies will reduce disruptive passengers.’ Lundgren told the audience.

Lundgren’s speech stimulated a number of interesting questions from a keen audience who enjoyed an interesting and topical presentation.

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