Cancellation of June Lunch, July Reception and Club Elections

Issued by Aviation Club UK Chairman

Greetings everyone, hope all are well and are at least enjoying the Spring weather.

It appears things are moving fast….to slow things down!  The RAC have informed us that they are closing until 14 June and thus have to cancel our 10 June booking.  They are merely following what all Clubs in London seem to be doing, the closure covering the 12 week critical period that we have entered into as detailed by the Government, a period that is open for extension if deemed necessary, or subject to additional restrictive measures as seen by the Prime Minister’s announcement last night.

With the cancellation of Farnborough International we have cancelled the Summer Reception planned for Sunday 19 July, and our lunch scheduled for 10 June is now cancelled as well.  As with John Holland-Kaye, I see the cancellation of Ed Bastion, CEO of Delta, as merely a postponement, and we shall rearrange these lunches as soon as is convenient and workable.

As things stand the next Club events are the lunch on 17 September and then the Ball at the end of that month.  We shall keep these dates open at this stage and make final decisions once the way ahead is clearer.

As the Club is now forced into a period of unexpected hibernation, I sense everyone, Committee and Members alike, have far more on their minds at the moment than Club Elections, especially so for a Committee that will not meet again until September at the earliest.  These are uncharted and unprecedented times, and I believe it now makes pragmatic sense to put the Club Elections on hold for this year as well.   Three Committee members were up for re-election, and another was due to stand down having completed two successive terms.  I believe it makes sense that we essentially stop the Committee clock for this year for all those currently on the Committee, and thus all those up for re-election or due to stand down remain on the Committee for the coming year, namely until the Club Elections of April 2021.  Anyone who would have been due re-election or due to stand-down in April 2021 would remain on until April 2022 and so on, in effect just stopping the clock now and restarting it again in April 2021.  I believe this is a sensible way forward given the current circumstances and the uncertainly that still lies ahead.

On a brighter note, the Club has been receiving requests for assistance from Members covering a number of matters, I shall send out a separate note on this news shortly.

With best wishes


Karl Brünjes